Complete Premium
wet cat food
from Sweden
Complete Premium wet cat food from Sweden

The BUFFET® food is produced by Doggy AB in a factory in the city of Vårgårda, Sweden. By producing the food in one single factory enables us to ensure strictest control of both production process’ and raw material’s quality. In 2018 Doggy AB celebrated its 115th Establishment Anniversary.

Swedish animal
farming control:

• The use of antibiotics is strictly forbidden.

• Thorough preventive measures against salmonella.

• The use of meat from died-off animals is strictly forbidden.

• Open grazing management only.

• Daylight in the stables is obligatory.

• Only the water of drinking quality is used for animals’ nutrition.

Animals are protected
from the stress:

• Straw in the stables is obligatory.

• The constant keeping of hens in the cell is forbidden.

• The cutting of hens beaks is forbidden.

• The cutting of pigs tails is forbidden.

Swedish quality

• The BUFFET food is produced from fresh high quality Swedish raw materials strictly controlled by Swedish State standards.

• The meat used in production comes only from the slaughter animals that were grown under complete nutrition control.

• The raw materials used in production are completely free of hormones and antibiotics. No colorants, preservatives, flavor enhancers or GMO in the food.