Complete Premium
wet cat food
from Sweden
Complete Premium wet cat food from Sweden

Animal protein

For cats it is very important not only the quantity of animal protein, but the quality of it. The higher the quality of animal protein, the higher digestibility of it by the cat and the pet can get more necessary and essential amino acids.

Healthy food

The BUFFET® food does not contain colorants, preservatives, flavor enhancers or GMO. The meat is supplied by Swedish farmers, hunters and fishermen, and it is guaranteed free of hormones and antibiotics.


The cat body does not produce taurine, which is necessary for a healthy heart, excellent eyesight. The only way to replenish taurine in the body is to consume it with food.

Manufacturing country

The important quality factor of complete food for cats is manufacturing country because the county establishes the meat quality levels used in the cat's wet food production.


Kittens have a very sensitive stomach. They need a special diet according to their growing body needs. BUFFET FOR KITTENS is this special well-balanced food.